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Spokane Wineries & Tasting Rooms

Spokane Wineries

The Spokane area is home to over a dozen wineries.

Map of Spokane Wineries & Tasting Rooms

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Spokane Wineries

1 Arbor Crest Winery
2 Barili Cellars
3 Barrister Winery
4 Bridge Press Cellars
5 Cannon Hill Vintners
6 Caterina Winery
7 Emvy Cellars
8 Grande Ronde Winery
9 Knipprath Cellars Winery
10 Latah Creek Winery
11 Lone Canary Winery
12 Mountain Dome Winery
13 Overbluff Cellars
14 Regal Road Winery
15 Robert Karl Cellars Winery
16 V du V Winery
17 van Lö ben Sels Cellars
18 Vintage Hill Cellars

Spokane Tasting Rooms

1 Arbor Crest Tasting Room
2 Whitestone Winery Tasting Room

Spokane Wine Bars

1 LeftBank Wine Bar
2 Mizuna Restaurant & Wine Bar

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