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Decorative Wine Bottle Stoppers ~ Make Great Gifts!

Wine bottle stoppers are used to seal a wine bottle after it's been opened, and allows you to keep wine fresh to taste the next day. Wine cork stoppers range from the cheap plastic variety that work in a pinch up to exquisite works of art.

Wine stoppers come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Decorative wine stoppers are found in wood, ceramic, marble, chrome, pewter, or glass. Especially popular today are wine stoppers made of rosewood, Murano glass and waterford crystal.

Decorative wine stoppers often come in a set and make an ideal, relatively inexpensive wedding or holiday gift for the discriminating wine lover. Tip: look for a low-profile stopper that allows you to put a wine bottle in the fridge upright.

Ceramic Wine Bottle Stoppers

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Snow Globe Wine Bottle Stoppers

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Plunger Wine Bottle Stopper

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